Friday, February 4, 2011

A Tiny Window....into Brenda's Kitchen

The 'window' section is 12" x 12" and routed on back for glass or mirror.
I purchased this unfinished 'window/window box' a few months ago at a thrift store (?-do not remember which one)...also don't remember the cost, but I'm certain that I would not have paid more than $5.00 for it.
I'm still hoping to find a 'single' 12x12 mirror tile at a thrifty price, but until I do, I've improvised, so I can display it above my sink.
I dry-brushed a light coat of primer.

Next, I cut small pieces of double stick carpet tape and applied to the back, to hold the 'vintage' gift wrap that I had decided to use in place of the mirror.

 I had to tape the fold creases in the paper along the taped wood slats, so they wouldn't show through the 'panes'!

I applied a repositional applique that was in a package of sunflower and rooster appliques from Family Dollar store for $3.  I tried 'aging' it with this morning's coffee and a small brush...did a little sanding on edges and said 'Enough'!!  As soon as I find my stash of lace, I'm gonna make a 'valance' for my window.

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