Sunday, February 20, 2011

Final Tour of Brenda's Kitchen

 These pics were taken before moving in and shortly after unpacking.   A few minor changes have been made but this represents what the before and after is like.

Before moving in:


Here's some fun after pics done with the colored pencil filter in 'Photoscape'.


  1. you seriously have the cutest kitchen ever! and, thanks for following the simple farm....

    xoxo lylah

  2. Oh my gosh, I love your kitchen!! It is so cheerful, and so cute!
    Great Job!

  3. I have to start playing with photoscape. Those line drawings were something I had not seen before. Love all your photos. Great job.

  4. Thank you ladies! The only thing I'm really not crazy about dishwasher, but you know I haven't had one in any of the three homes we've lived in here in No. Arizona..six years...Guess I should be used to it.

  5. GASP! I want to move into your kitchen! Except maybe not the no dishwasher part ;). Love, love the rooster collection.

  6. Wanted to say that I adored your kitchen and I love moving its so exciting and the start to something new. I can't wait until I can see more of your home improvements! You are more than welcome to join my sit where I re-craft the ideas I like and using only a dollar hope to see you there at
    Crafty One Dollar Creations... njoy