Monday, February 14, 2011

SaaWeet Coffee Cup Planter from Family Dollar Store

So proud of my purchase recently at Family Dollar Store for $6.00.  I decorate with Roosters and also have a 'coffee bar' I'm a BIG coffee the point of RIDICULOUS!  Happy Valentines  to me...from me!  And Happy Valentines Day to my 10 followers here on Blogspot and my 14 fans on Facebook!!


  1. Make that 11. I thought I was a Follower. I don't really go on FB so can't join you there. Wish I could drink coffee all day but my stomach won't let me...bummer....Your coffee bar is really cute.

  2. Thanks Donnie! I joined FB mainly to keep up with my kids and grandkids in different states than helps my loneliness..:) Plus they've made 'pages' for blogs, businesses, etc. very user friendly, so thought I'd give that a try also. Slow start, but maybe if I just remain patient, THEY will come!