Wednesday, March 2, 2011

192 Year Old American Manufacturer Needs Our Support

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We just visited A US Manufacture 192 years old, they are struggling since Walmart canceled their contract, visit their site and purchase something to help them out.
I'm visiting the site now (in a separate window) and finding several things that I'm going to them and yourself a favor and visit this interesting, American, traditional company.
Pioneer Folding Toaster


  1. I'd say this is Reason #396 of WHY I HATE WAL-MART. They treat their vendors like dirt, and then discard them when they no longer need them. I'll be visiting the site and seeing what I can order to help them out. Hop on board, folks, and let's help out a business that needs us. I'll post the info on my blog, too. Let's see what we can do.

  2. We have to support American companies when we can find them. Thanks. I'm on my way over there. I have been in a W*lm*rt maybe twice this year. I buy locally, if I can.

  3. Thank you for charing this site. My mama had at least half of the items and I have seen the rest in the kitchens of my relatives. What a trip down memory lane. You rock and I'll be back to the Bromwell site again and again.